Edmund Häner

  • Over 25 years of experience as a project manager in small and medium-sized companies

  • Over 10 years as an IT project manager in a DAX company

  • Consulting and coaching people, companies and municipalities according digital transformation digitaler Transformation

“Added value by digitalization and networking at companies, people and municipalities”



Visionen Visions, develop, describe and live

Missionen Mission, formulate, concretize and communicate

Strategies plan, establish and measure


Ideas find, define and evaluate

Projects start, carry out and complete successfully

Changes communicate, establish and anchor sustainably

Municipal consultation

Citizens activate, participate and appreciate

Administration strengthen, motivate and relieve

Councils support, advise and help


„Certified Digital Marketing Manager (SHB)“

Edmund Häner acquired the qualification as “Certified Digital Marketing Manager (SHB)” at 121watt.de in 2016. He was quickly impressed by the content and flexibility of further training. After successful completion, he is entitled to use the title “Certified Digital Marketing Manager (SHB)”.

Further Qualification

Edmund Häner has a degree in business administration (FH), has completed training as a wholesale and foreign trade clerk (IHK) and has successfully completed the trainer aptitude test (IHK). His work as a project manager for over 25 years provides a wealth of experience. He has led many software implementation projects and associated changes in companies as the responsible project manager. Edmund Häner advises companies and municipalities on their strategic objectives. He designs and moderates conferences and retreats. Even more information about his career and his projects can be found under the Xing profile.


Edmund Häner was born in Agnetheln – Transylvania (Romania). He lived for the first 6 months in Jakobsdorf, the village of his ancestors, who settled and cultivated Transylvania from the Meuse-Moselle area in the 12th century. As a so-called “late repatriate”, he came to Germany with his parents in 1975 and lived in Sersheim with his maternal grandparents for a few years before his family moved to Geretsried. He has been firmly rooted in the city of Geretsried since 1978. His own children now also attend the same kindergarten, elementary school and high school that he attended. In 1994, Edmund graduated from Geretsried high school with the Abitur for general university entrance qualification. He lives with his wife and four children in his hometown of Geretsried in the Munich Oberland.


Fußball-Freunde Geretsried e.V.

Member since 1982 and supporter in many areas including website, events, etc.

Elternbeirat Gymnasium Geretsried

Member since 2018 and committed to the areas of internet, digitalization and media competence

Freunde des Gymnasiums Geretsried

Member since 2018 and supporter of marketing and website

Industreigemeinschaft Geretsried (IGG)

Member since 2018 and supporter of communication, marketing and website


Edmund Häner
Jeschkenstr. 151
82538 Geretsried